Friday, April 19, 2013

Request for Proposals: Transformational Learning Grants

RFPs are now being accepted for faculty interested in applying for funding to support teaching Transformational Service Learning courses.

The RFP can be found at:

Applications are due by May 14th to Heather Dalmage,

Questions can be directed to:
Nikita Stange,

Profiles of service learning at the Roosevelt University Mini-Conference on Teaching

Over the past decade, the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Provost's Office at Roosevelt University has sponsored the Roosevelt University Mini-Conference on Teaching (or "RUMCOT").  Through this venue, faculty members at the university have been sharing best practices or personal implementations.

I compiled all of the presentations that focused on transformational service learning from the conference Proceedings, and you can download them here. 

Integrating service learning into your class: Merging educational and social justice goals (2012)
by Amy L. D. Roberts, Kimberly Dienes, and Steven Meyers

Lessons learned from an ambitious service learning class (2010)
by Cami K. McBride, Carrie Miller, and Valerie Vorderstrasse

Getting to transformation with service-learning (2009)
by Erik Gellman, Elizabeth Meadows, Steven A. Meyers, Pamela M. Robert, and Robert Seiser

Integrating service-learning into the business curriculum (2008)
by Carolyn Wiley

Including service-learning in your class: How we did it (2007)
by Steven A. Meyers, Patrick M. Green, Linda Pincham, and Robert Seiser

Can transformative pedagogy change the way you teach? (2006)
by Steven A. Meyers

Service-learning: A guide to course implementation (2005)
by Patrick M. Green